IBIZA, missing the summer.

IBIZA, missing the summer.



Hi everybody,

my name is G, I’m 20 and I live in a foggy town in Italy: Modena.

Surfing on the net I was attracted by this site which made me feel like having a blog just to share with you something I care for.

Actually, i’ve not decided yet the topic of my blog, but what’s sure is that I love dealing with music, feelings and point of view, so probably these will be!!

Before starting, I want to apologize myself for mistakes I’ll probably do because of my Italian’s origin,but I want to speak english because it’s more international (and maybe it gives me a knowledgeable aspect!!!)

So let’s start!!

I’m conscious of the fact that nowadays in Italywe’ve got bands and singers that should have rather to stay at home instead to write so idiot lyrics and musics (such as Moda’,Club Dogo, Emma Marrone,Alessandra Amoroso…), BUT WE’VE GOT LOT OF TALENTS (deads,most of all I must admit) THAT I’LL SHOW YOU IN THE NEXT PAGES, TRUST ME!

So I want to dedicate my first article to my favorite italian rock band, called “Negramaro“. Negramaro is a group of six men who come from Salento (Puglia), and even if i think that guitarists, drummers, pianists etc are as important as the singer, i can’t mask my admiration for Giuliano Sangiorgi, the singer (and guitarist-pianist too!!!) of this band.

I know it sounds nerd and ridiculous but they’ve helped me a lot in myhard times, I swear.I think that if you don’t love music as much as I do you can’t understand and you probably think “She’s the typical example of a teenager who wants to look like an expert of music but she doesn’t know anything”.But I’m not here because I want to talk about my problems, I just love music and I know how few people know about italian music, so my biggest desire is that everybody knows more about this.

So, as I was saying, Negramaro have been and still are so important for me, and actually i can’t explain why, but so there!  I suggest you to listen to their songs as deep as you do with your country’s music.

When I listen to italian music, obviously it’s easy for me to understand words but when I do it with english or american or french songs I try to understand words, and if I don’t comprehend the lyric i search for it on the net, trying to understand what the singer wants to hand down to us.

So I hope you could to the same with italian songs, with Negramaro’s tracks. Yes, their music is fantastic and you can love them just because of this, but it’s not the same. I think they aren’t just musicians, Giuliano is a poet.

I went to their concert two times, once in 2012 in Modena and once onNovember 2013 in Bologna, and they touched me both.So I’m certain you will love them too, i write you down some tracks hoping you’ll have a listen.

Let me a comment about what you think of it or just to say if you knew them or not.

Thanks for the attention,

Happy Christmas guys!!!

G, xx


  • Basta così (feat.Elisa)
  • Cade la pioggia (feat. Jovanotti)
  • Estate
  • L’immenso
  • Manchi
  • Meraviglioso (the original is of Domenico Modugno)
  • Quel posto che non c’è
  • Senza Fiato(feat Dolores)
  • Sole
  • Solo 3 minuti
  • Ti vorrei sollevare (feat.Elisa)
  • Un passo Indietro